Monday, September 12, 2011

Diet update

On Aug. 21, 2011, I decided to change the ratio of fruits and vegetables I eat on a daily basis. At the same time, I planned to cutting out some food choices that I know are causing weight gain. I also planned to increase the amount of cardio workouts I did per week to everyday, or as close to that as possible.

My hope was that I would lose weight, improve my health, and feel better about myself. I weigh in every Monday morning. Actually, I weigh in more regularly, but for sure every Monday. So far, I've lost 11 lbs in 23 days. The first 7 lbs came fast, and then things slowed down.

Initially, I made such good progress that I thought I might be able to keep some of my comfort calories, like a nightly nightcap of alcohol. I discovered that this had to cease. My progress almost completely stopped until I gave up the nightcap.

I'm using green smoothies as meal replacements for breakfast and lunch. Often, my breakfast will be the leftover smoothie from the day before (when I make too much).

You can view videos located in this blog on how I make the green smoothies. I use a Blendtech blender, made famous by the YouTube video phenomenon "Will it Blend."

For supper, I've been having a low fat meat, such as fish or chicken with a vegetable.

Specifically, I'm avoiding the white carbs that raise my blood sugar, such as breads, pasta and potatoes. I'm not eating sweets, but I've never really had a sweet tooth.

The weight seems to be coming off at a healthy pace. My goal is 30 lbs by Halloween, which is about 6 weeks away. With 11 lbs down, if I can lose 3 or 4 lbs a week, I'll make my goal. I feel confident that my current choices will get me there if I stick with it.

As a side note, I hope to make green smoothies and raw food a permanent part of my life--not just a diet. I currently do not plan on becoming a strict vegetarian or strict raw-food convert, but I do plan to substantially increasing the ratio of raw foods in my diet.

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